The Time for Blockchain is NOW!

Is it time for independent players and organizations to finally “jump ship” from giant, controlled environments and platforms? If so, where can they go?

Enter blockchain.

In the current Internet environment, the big players call the shots. This is because they built and will continue to control a number of institutions and structures for the masses.

How can blockchain change this?

Blockchain is a technology that was originally developed to support Bitcoin. In that design was the idea to allow for transparency and keep overall control out of the hands of a few. What makes blockchain an especially appealing technology is that its infrastructure is by its nature “decentralized.”

In simple terms, this means rather than one or few entities holding all the power, all control is equally distributed among many nodes or individual users and computers.  In other words, this technology does away with the “centralized” power structure and allows all of the nodes to share power equally. The blockchain framework design is not only good for decentralizing control, but also solves other problems such as system fraud and hacking and decreasing the probability of network failures—think election and banking fraud.

Blockchain allows direct reach to audiences without a middle-man or gatekeeper.

Blockchain has the possibility of changing the Internet World as it stands by equalizing any number of playing fields or industries.  Smaller players have a chance to move their platforms forward today and reach their audiences by breaking the chains of control through this revolutionary technology of tomorrow.

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