Headline Test Shows Increase of 307% in Response… (how you can use the same tweaks to boost your online ROI)

You and you'reI saw a blog post titled, This Headline Tweak Boosted Response By 307%, and couldn’t pass up the chance to comment on the results.

I am a true believer in crafting headlines to get response—not so much clever headline writing, but headlines that have proven results by simply inserting certain ingredients.

This headline test shows how important adding these ingredients can be to boost your ROI.

The winning headline was:

“If you’re a retailer in need of fresh ideas and proven growth strategies, this book is for you!”

The post doesn’t really say why it won but I believe it is because it included “TWO” of the most important headline ingredients.

The words “you’re” and “you”— address the prospect directly. This is key in successful headlines. The competing headline didn’t use “you’re” or “you”. It addressed the prospect as “retailers”, thus grouping all prospects who read the headline into one impersonal group.

The other ingredient the headline included was benefits—“fresh ideas and proven growth strategies”—two things any struggling retailer would be looking forward to learning.

I encourage you to read the actual blog post and you can learn more about the Five Important Headline Ingredients here.

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