Simple Website Tweaks to Improve Your Online Conversions and Business Profits

Image courtesy of [stockimages] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of [stockimages] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

According to a recent article posted on MarketingProfs.com called, “Five Rookie Website Mistakes You Can Fix Today”, regarding business websites and their online performance, “…common mistakes have big consequences, but they’re also fixable.”

I would add that to ignore them is to leave money on the table.

I think all marketers are guilty at one time or another of rushing to put out the next promotion—then sit back and wait.

The article written by Andy Crestodina addresses some really important elements on your business web pages that when tweaked, can really make a difference on your website’s conversions.

My favorite is Mistake # 1 Homepage Headline Hints…I teach on this all of the time. Why?

In my opinion, the headline is the first opportunity to “grab and keep” your prospect’s attention—and it really is one of the elements to fix quickly and easily to improve conversion rates once you know how.

Andy states, “Your homepage headline is clever but unclear.”
This is very common. Many people try so hard to write such a clever headline, that the prospect ends up scratching his head and walking away confused.

I encourage you to read his article if you are interested in learning more about simple website tweaks that can boost your online profits.


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