What is the Best Day to Send Out Your Sales Email? These Results Might Surprise You!

marketing calendarThere is nothing more disappointing than spending a good amount of time trying to craft the perfect email promotion just to have it ignored by your audience.

One of the questions that is always asked is, “What is the best day/time to send out my email promotions?”

The folks at Sidekick, (free email tracking software), recently analyzed over 6 million emails to try and gain insight into what factors have an impact on email open rates.

One of the factors they examined was what days of the week are the best to send out sales emails for improved response/open rate.

Here is what they found:

** Don’t give up on weekends when it comes to sending out your email sales messages!!

Apparently weekends are a good time to send your emails messages because everyone else thinks it’s not a good time, but the irony is that this means you’ll have less competition to fight in terms of getting your prospect’s attention and your message noticed.

Sidekick: “We found that 80% fewer emails are sent over the weekend.”

So what does this mean? Because of the lower volume of emails your prospects receive, they may be more likely to open your message since there is less email clutter for them to wade through on the weekends.

Their results show that when emails are sent over the weekend they are 10% more likely to get opened.

According to Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights, emails sent on Tuesdays have a chance of getting higher response because it is typically the highest web traffic day; however, it also means you are competing against more messages, so there is more traffic to beat out.

On Mondays people are just gearing up for the week and when they are bombarded with so many emails, they may be looking for messages to delete just to be able to plow through the stack.

The theory is that Tuesdays through Thursdays are best because everyone is back to a sort of “normal routine”.

Less email is sent on Fridays because the thought is that people are busy trying to tie up business before the weekend and/or distracted because the weekend is on the horizon.

Chaffey says, “Sending emails on Friday could be good since there is relatively little competition and you can pick up at home use. This is when we send our weekly roundup emails – it fits what we want to offer too.”

In my opinion, it all boils down to your audience. Trying and testing different days/times is the only way to find out what truly works best for your list of prospects.

You can read more about the results from Sidekick’s  2014 Email Open Rates Report here.


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